New Header & New Resolution & Ramadhan for July

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Assalamualaikum !

I'm Jae Mi (My Hangul name means "happiness" or "comfortable" as well as Farhana's meaning ) a.k.a Sho Reen a.k.a Hana Dania, the owner of this blog. 

As you able to see on the top of my blog, I just changed my header's picture. 
Quiet simple right but for me it's adorable.
Yeah, the better one besides the all my photoshop headers that i've been used.
Pink rose (i love this beautiful scenery, Subhanallah)
Pink is my fav color. (It's not necessary for me to mention that, right?)


And, I designed the another one for my Blog's fanpage and my Facebook's cover. 
I'm a truly designer. "Ceh"


Besides, I also done a new masterpiece (a sponsored header) for Auni Syifaa
To see the header, click on the blue link above here. TQ.

Miss X : Hey, dont chu wanna to make a business on your designing? 
Miss Sho :  Well, thanks for asking. Sorry, I'm quite busy right now. :o

Last but not least, 

I want to greet all muslimin & muslimat, Happy for Celebrating Ramadhan Al-Mubarak".
Happy fasting besides collecting all barakah on this month. For me and for you all. 

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

And, I'd like to greet to all SPM candidates - Happy Struggling Month !
Critical months for all SPM candidates just like me. Heh~
I just found out that SPM Trial Examination on 27th September. Am I wrong ?
If it's true, I just have two months to study really really hard and also one month later before the date of SPM Examination come. 

Happy Struggling Month ! - to all SPM candidates (2012). ^^

So, one of the new resolutions on this month and later is :

I wanna to slow down my activities on cyber life. 
I wanna keep my notebook off.
Never update any status on Facebook or Twitter and any entry on this Blog except via Mobile or when school holidays come.

Kinda easy but it's quite difficult.
Aja-aja Fighting !


Eldania Shukor


21 years old. A software engineering student at National University of Malaysia. A former student in Foundation of Science at UiTM Puncak Alam.


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