New Design ~ !! ^^

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Look at this !!
Do you like??
The latest creation in this month...
By my unknown production (HEHE ! )..
I got the idea to do this creation since I've been so busy to check out the information about FAR EAST MOVEMENT ~ (there are Asian ^^)
Thanks to Yahoo! Malaysia to supply many pictures of FEM ... after page by page... i found an album cover for FEM..
In the pic, many words or phrases are combined togather with a cool font and some clipart...
COOL ~ i like it...
so... since I've leisure time to do this... all my hands and brain started creating this design... awesome... ! i like it... ^^

like it? hee ( I never thought to appear this design in my own t-shirt.. ^^ hehe

Sho Reen


21 years old. A software engineering student at National University of Malaysia. A former student in Foundation of Science at UiTM Puncak Alam.