Classmates A10 during My Foundation Studies

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Today, 14th March 2014, officially I've finished my foundation studies. Haha.
Right now, I'm only waiting for the Chem/Physics Test on Monday dan Final Exam on the next two weeks.
Btw, this is my first entry for 2014. Pathetically, abandoned this blogger for about 3 months I think.
But within the 3 months, so many things happened to me. And I'll consider them as my remarkable memories. Yey!

Oh, yeay! I'm already 19. Puff. I can getting married. Haha

But that's not what I want to tell here.
I just wanna share some pictures of my classmates and I during this foundation studies.
Only one year. Yeahhh one yearrrrr!!!
After this foundation, I will miss all of them. :( Sad

 Yey, this is my classmates. A10-ers.
Gonna miss them all.

Eldania Shukor


21 years old. A software engineering student at National University of Malaysia. A former student in Foundation of Science at UiTM Puncak Alam.