Asasi end !

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YY asasi finally ends.
Last Thursday i've answered the last paper of final exam - CTU.
Then, Friday i've date with him and Saturday Icity with my family.
Eventually Sunday I'm home - Melaka of course.

Hah, now I really miss my foundation life.
My roommate, housemates, classmates, friends, lecturers, my special one.
I miss the picturesque of UiTM Puncak Alam.
I miss the food.
I miss the "tangga maut".
I miss the elevator.
I miss classes/lectures.
I miss everything.

Now i'm at home waiting for the result for the 2nd semester.
Degree life of course.

Hah here some pics i gonna show ya.

With the girls

With housemates
With classmates. Beloved A10
Miss this tangga maut. 
Campus in nature.

Yup, it's hurt when we need to part with people we always attach to. 

Eldania Shukor


21 years old. A software engineering student at National University of Malaysia. A former student in Foundation of Science at UiTM Puncak Alam.