Get Ipod Nano by joining Shoo Away The Achoo contest !

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When there is a guy who is shifting and sneezing next to you in the LRT is packed with people, there are many thoughts in your head, for example:

"I hope it does not spread to me"
"I do not want sick"
"It's dangerous, man! "

Just like you want to share your thoughts to all peoples in the LRT. Don't be like that, guys ! No need to be like that. It's better to share your thoughts at Blackmores Malaysia' FB Page to join Their 'Shoo Away The Achoo' caption contest by sharing your thoughts When people go 'Achoo'

Stands for your chance to win some prizes!
There will be two winners a week, with the Grand Prize winner walking away with an Ipod Nano & Product Vouchers worth RM200, and the runner-up winning Product Vouchers

Sho Reen


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