[K-POP] TroubleMaker Music Video Release Today 1/12/11 !!

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TroubleMaker MV - Hyunseung B2ST & Hyunah 4 Minutes keluar hari ni~ 
Hari tu tgok Teaser je ~
Hari ni dah lebih 3 kali aku usha lagu ni !
Best la gak sbb ade Hyunseung

Ni Music Video dye :

Special Mega Project for Hyunseung B2ST & Hyunah 4 Minutes.
from : TroubleMaker Official Youtube

Reaksi Cube Family yg aku dpt ambil sblum pukul 1.00 ptg dri Twitter :

From G.Na | Translate : Jackpot @ The Best

From B2ST Dong Woon

From Yoseob B2ST | Translate : I was already in the old days, yelled to see

p/s : aku sgt suke n sgt jeles jugak =.=~ n aku mewakili review ntuk fans B2ST yg da tgok vdeo ni : kekeke~

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